Mission Essar

Mission ESSAR is a commitment to support Pakistan in its hour of need. Pakistan’s unmatchable spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism is known throughout the world. Whenever catastrophe has hit, the generous people of Pakistan have always responded to the call and helped Pakistanis regain their lost property and business.

Recently unprecedented floods due to incessant rains have created havoc in Pakistan, especially southern Punjab, Balochistan, and Sindh and Swat region, causing immeasurable misery and devastation. Many precious lives have been lost, thousands of people have been rendered homeless, and property worth crores has been destroyed. Mobilizing the youth and creating synergetic efforts of our partners, Mission Essar once again stood firm to provide relief to these communities.

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In the aftermath of devastating floods in the country, Mission Essar’s teams under the flag of Superior Foundation for Research and Development and in collaboration with APSUP and PAMI and thousands of volunteers on the ground provided urgent lifesaving humanitarian assistance by relief trucks in South Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh, KPK, and GB. This has been further bolstered by delivering tons of lifesaving cooked food, clean water, food packs, medical aid, tents & tarpaulin shelters, and non-food items to people inaccessible by land. Mission Essar’s medical team, exhibiting teamwork with medical volunteers and doctors, is making persistent efforts to help save flood affected populations from waterborne and infectious diseases.

Furthermore, clean water and dignity kits are being delivered to flood victims, particularly to vulnerable groups, persons with disabilities, women, and girls, to protect them from standing water and infectious disease.

Shops Renovated and Stocked with Saleable Items (Behrain Bazar, Swat)

In the phase II, Superior Mission provided rehabilitation service. In this phase, Team Mission ESSAR collaborated with Entrepreneurs Organization and Superior Foundation for Research to develop and renovate 78 destroyed shops of Behrain Bazar Swat and afterwards provided them with saleable and miscellaneous operational items. Subsequently another 40 shops were renovated and provided with saleable items.Superior Mission ESSAR has now moved towards the construction of 25 houses in Rojhan Mazari to help restore the life balance of underprivileged families that were severely affected by the flood.

Shops Renovated and Stocked with Saleable Items (Behrain Bazar, Swat)
Houses Reconstruction (Rajan Pur)

Rehabilitation work entered Phase II as Superior Mission joined forces with the Entrepreneurial Organization (EO) to extend their impactful services. This collaborative effort not only reached out to Rajan Pur but also provided much-needed assistance in Swat Bazar. The second phase of rehabilitation saw a significant investment of 10 million rupees, enabling the renovation and restocking of 46 shops with a wide range of saleable items in Behrain Bazar, located in Swat. The revitalization efforts were not limited to commercial spaces alone. In the Rajan Pur area, a total of 25 houses underwent reconstruction, restoring a sense of safety and stability to the affected community. This aspect of the rehabilitation initiative aimed to address the immediate and long-term needs of the residents, ensuring that they could once again enjoy the comfort and security of their own homes.

The collaboration between Superior Mission and EO exemplifies the power of collective action in bringing about positive change. By pooling their resources, expertise, and dedication, they were able to make a substantial impact on the lives of individuals and communities in both Rajan Pur and Swat Bazar. The renovated shops and reconstructed houses not only contributed to the economic revitalization of the areas but also instilled a renewed sense of hope and resilience among the local residents.