“Only those who have learned the power of sincere & selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”

Pakistan is living through “one of the most serious climate catastrophes” in the world, and it was wreaking nonstop havoc throughout the country. The altruistic students from the Faculty of Art and Design were registered in a course on introduction to business where they were required to design and sell products. They accomplished this brilliantly and made a significant profit. They had intended to spend this money to arrange recreational activities, but the flood catastrophe interrupted their plans. At the same time, Mission Essar, powered by SFRD and presented by APSUP and PAMI, debuted. All the funds raised were generously donated to relieve those trapped in the flood. Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is thankful to the Dean of FAD, Dr. Nabeel Amin, and their instructor Mr. Muhammad Mukarram and Mr. Ahmad Bilal, for inculcating this social spirit in the students. These young people recognized their obligation to participate because our nation and the lives of our brothers and sisters are at stake. They only need our compassion and a bit of support to help them escape their suffering.