SFRD is one of the best growing foundations by providing financial and technical support to provide easy access to quality health services for disadvantaged communities. We are committed to facilitating the complete range of free health care services and arranging medical camps for the deprived community of Pakistan. Chaudhry Muhammad Akram (CMA) Hospital is supporting SFRD for facilitating deserving community healthcare. SFRD is actively contributing to sustainable development goals which have been adopted as national goals by the National Assembly of Pakistan. In this regards, our SDGs focus is Good Health – 3. 


SFRD is committed to support for literacy, school education, and higher education in the light of Article 25A of the Constitution of Pakistan and Principles of Policy. We provide Knowledge contribution, identification of unaddressed areas. Superior University is supporting SFRD to expedite the deserving community of Pakistan. SFRD focus is aligned with UN-SDGs Quality Education – 4.


We are committed to making Pakistan economically superior by promoting an entrepreneurial mindset. SFRD focuses on the power of entrepreneurial revolution so our students may understand it as a viable career path & become job creators instead of job seekers. Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is facilitating SFRD to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. In this regard, our SDGs focus is Partner for the Goals-17.

Gender Equality

We are committed to create new pathways, synergies and platforms to address the critical issues impacting the development of gender equality. SFRD encourages opportunities and removes obstacles for women & any other gender who currently face inequity. Her Karobaar is facilitating SFRD to develop the equal rights culture in Pakistan. As regards, we focus on fulfilling requirements of SDGs Gender Equality – 5.


We are determined to achieve expressive, gaugeable, and sustainable improvements in Pakistan’s climate and environmental resilience. SFRD promotes global capital and facilitates solving Pakistan’s robust environmental challenges. SEP and the British Foundation are supporting SFRD to take urgent action to combat Climate Action and its impact Goal-13 Climate Change. 

Media Advocacy

We aim to be the voice of Pakistan to protect ideological frontiers, to become a voice of community, to show the true factors of society, to be an effective choice for effective decision making and to spread & create a positive image of Pakistan by adding value to our nation. In this regard, Neo News and Daily “Nai Baat” play an important role. Neo News is a 24 hours national Urdu language news and current affairs television channel operating in Pakistan. Neo believes in ethical journalism and adheres to the highest standards of reporting, with due accuracy and impartiality. Daily “Nai Baat” is an inspiration to rebuild Pakistan. It’s the personification of our patriotic spirit to serve the nation.

Community Empowerment

SFRD is socially responsible for developing communities, engaging youth and promoting active citizenship. The Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) is greasing the wheels with SFRD to promote community empowerment in Pakistan. SFRD is aligned with the United Nations agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).